Cake Taste Free Samples

We offer free samples of our cake products only to all of our customers.

We will deliver your samples directly to you only in the Baltimore City area. 

When we first opened our business in 2004 we use to schedule appointments for  free cake testing with a meet and greet session. Numerous of customers would call and set appointments and then they would not show up to their scheduled appointment became very costly for our company.  After years of experience we updated the cake testing policy to direct delivery. With direct delivery the cake testing process is great. You and your loved ones can enjoy the cake over a quite dinner or with your party planner during a meeting.

How to request cake samples:

Complete the form below and click submit

Pick up to 3 cake flavors to sample.

All cake samples are cupcakes only not cake slices.

You will receive a box of 6 cupcakes 

(2 cupcakes of each cake flavor or 3 of 2 cake flavors)

Pick the type of frosting for one flavor only!


2 vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting and custard filling

2 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and no filling

3 red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting and cream cheese filling

All 6 cupcakes marble cake with fondant frosting and buttercream filling

We only deliver in the Baltimore City area.

We do not offer cake sample pick up.

We only deliver cake free samples on the first weekend of every month ( holiday weekends no delivery)

Each delivery is the first Saturday and Sunday of every month.


If you complete your free sample form on May 18th then you delivery will be the first weekend in June

If you complete your sample form on October 2nd and the first weekend starts on October 4th you will receive your delivery that upcoming weekend

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